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[18] Blade Fury / Wake of Fire Hybrid
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My level 18s > yours

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PostPosted: Thu May 15, 2008 5:17 am    Post subject:  [18] Blade Fury / Wake of Fire Hybrid
Subject description: Fun little character

I built this character mainly because I had a lot of the gear just lying around gathering dust on my mules. It's turned out a little differently than I expected, but it's pretty effective against most ranged characters and infuriates zealots considerably. So if anyone else wants to fiddle around with one, here's a good starting point for you:

The nice thing about Blade Fury is that you only need one point to get it to work, and it has no synergies. The only way to pump its damage is to put points into Claw Mastery, assuming you use a claw.

My original thought was to use Cleg's Sword / Azurewrath for 50% Deadly Strike, which allowed me to put no points into Claw Mastery. But that didn't really work out as I planned. Here's the skills that I used:

1 point Claw Mastery (prereq)
1 point Burst of Speed
18 points Fire Blast (synergy for Wake of Fire)
7 points Wake of Fire (maxed for its level)
1 point Blade Sentinel (prereq)
1 point Blade Fury

The nice part about this build is that you can max Wake of Fire and its synergy, and still have a point in BF and a point in BoS.

Weapon 1: Eth Scissors Katar / Blade Talons
Cleg's Sword
Azurewrath (or an eth Azurewrath, if you can find one)

There are basically four options here. Cleg's Sword is a really cheap option that works well enough. 50% Deadly Strike / 30% Attack Rating boost - very helpful because your BF AR will be awful if you don't use Angelics.

Azurewrath is the more expensive version of Cleg's Sword.

I used Cleg's Sword originally, but I eventually switched to a pair of eth Superior Blade Talons with three 20 ed / 14 max jewels. After doing some tests, I found that I damaged people more than I did with Cleg's sword. Note that since BF does not drain your weapon's durability, you have no reason not to use an eth weapon - and you don't have to find a rare one that reps.

In an ideal world, you might be able to imbue a pair of eth Scissors Katars that have 70+ ED / +1 Traps / 2 open sockets. This would work well for laying traps on your BF side, but more on that in the Strategy section.

Note that eth Scissors Katars do more damage than eth Blade Talons - however, your trap laying speed will be one frame faster with BT's than SK's, unless you find a rare set with IAS.

Shield 1: Swordback Hold
Bone Shield of Deflecting
Pelta Lunata

I use a Swordback Hold with a 15 max jewel on my BF/WoF sin. I like having Open Wounds - even though it doesn't do much, it runs for 8 seconds and is nice to have. It also goes through Bone Armor, which makes recasting Necros easier. I don't like having no block rate on my shield though.

A rare 2 os Bone Shield of Deflecting is another option, especially if you can find one with FHR. Getting FHR is one of the hard parts on this build.

Boots: Cow King's - no real other option

Gloves:Crafted Knockback Gloves
Cleg's Gloves if you feel like BM'ing

I use Crafted Knockback Gloves on my BF sin against pallies with charge. However, you don't really need Knockback against casters, so keep a pair of Bloodfists in your stash.

If you feel like BM'ing, you may as well note that Cleg's Gloves + Cleg's Sword packs some nice set bonuses.

Belt: Rare 24 FHR / Life / Rep Belt
Crafted OW belt

I use a plated belt with 24 FHR / 32 life / 5 rep / 10 mana on my BF sin. Those are fairly hard to find, so another option is to use a crafted OW belt so that you can use a Bone Shield of Deflecting instead of Swordback. This will give you more damage (2 sockets instead of one) and block rate (and maybe FHR if you've got a nice rare).

Ideally, you would want to find a rare circlet with +1 Traps / 30 Enh. Damage / 2 sockets. The enhanced damage is nice because BF does not get any enhanced damage bonuses, so that helps quite a bit.

A magic 1 Trap Circlet with 2 sockets would work fine too - even if you just put a couple 20 ed jewels in it. Also, a Deadly Circlet (20-30% Enh. Damage) with 2 sockets is a cheap and very effective option.

I use a rare Great Helm with +1 Shadow Skills / 10 FHR / 7 Life / 2 sockets which ear_god gave me. This would probably work better for a pure BF sin though, but I like its rare style.

I use a 2-59 damage / 17 Dtm Gothic Plate that was left over from my charger. However, if you're going to make one from scratch, you might use 20 ed jewels instead. BF is really lacking from ED.

Angelic Combo
+1 Trap Skills Ammy + 2 Manald Heals
Eye of Etlich

The Angelic Combo is a very effective solution, especially because BF's attack rating is awful - I think I have only 700 AR without Angelics. (Note that BF does not show AR on the character screen, but it does rely on AR. I just estimate my AR using my normal attack).

Depending on how you want to play the character, you may want to use a Trap ammy and Manalds. My BF/WoF char is designed to have a fair amount of life replenish, so I maxed Block with Manalds. I like using them against Guided Zons - WoF is helpful to hit them from afar, and having a lot of Life Rep makes them play more aggressively.

Eye of Etlich is a decent amulet as well, if you can't find a nice rare. If you're using a claw, the Eye adds to both your trap damage and your BF damage (through Claw Mastery).

Weapon Switch II: Angelic Sabre
Mentalist's Claw

I like having a switch so I can prebuff my BoS and run faster. However, if you're using Angelics, it's better to use the Angelic Sabre - this will give your Angelic Ammy +1 skills as a set bonus.

That means, not only can you buff your BoS with your Angelic Sabre, but your Trap damage goes up on your switch as well. It also helps that Sabres are so fast that you can lay traps at a ridiculously fast rate.

Shield Switch II: Sigon's Shield
Your only option here. I use it to prebuff BoS, then I switch to WoF so that I can lay traps on my switch side. There's no reason not to use this side to lay traps since you can get an extra +2 trap skills.

In general, when you make a hybrid that uses two different skill trees, +1 skills beats +1 tab. Even though BF and WoF are both in the Trap tree, you're buffing a Shadow skill.

BF doesn't take up much mana - only 1.5 mana per star (assuming you have a couple +skills on your BF side). However, Wake of Fire uses... 14 mana? I forget offhand, but it's pretty much.

Therefore, you want a mixture of Life/Mana charms (SC and GC's both work), 15 Life SC's with AR (helpful for BF), and Fine GC's of Life/Strength/Balance. Although, this build would probably work fine even with just forty plain lifers.

That's enough for a start - I will update later with strategy and how to play the character.

breakbeatz2 wrote:
2-15 isnt possible on level 18 jewels. He must mean 2 x 15 maxers

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PostPosted: Thu May 15, 2008 8:37 am    Post subject:  

Neat idea; i actually made a lvl 18 trapper but found it to hard to hit running targets and since the traps werent stunning a duel took ages. I wonder what your BF dmg is like and if it compensates that lack of the lvl 18 traps (i have a 1traps/10fcr/30life/35mana/xxlight res amu flying around Wink)
Could you post your BF /Trap dmg (mine was like 70 av)
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 01, 2008 3:53 pm    Post subject:  

Yeah roy, i was actually curious to hear your trap/ bf damage

@ volka the traps only stun if you have mindblasted them
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