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PostPosted: Fri Sep 11, 2009 8:34 pm    Post subject:  Arena!
Subject description: PvP iphone game i made (FINALLY)

finally after months of trying to get this done.

there will be a free version, it will be out this next week IF apple is fast, if not.. 2 weeks.

here is a play demo i recorded at work.
a PvP tactics game. 3 classes vs 3 classes.

there is an AI for single player. but 2 player is much better (you will need 2nd iphone and preferably a friend)

ill have link as soon as it goes live.

oh and we did an online trailer,,well not really, friend and i did this because we are retarded

WIZARD OP!!!! whens patch?

Magic missile doesn't kill people, wizards who cast magic missile kill people.

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Joined: 06 Feb 2004
Posts: 2902
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 19, 2009 8:08 am    Post subject:  

Free version (only plays 2 rounds)

Full version ($1.99)

here is my earlier write up detailing some nuances. Once you play the free version it should become clear unless you are more of an instructions reader type person.

the game is a tactics style fight, two teams with three units each. swordsman, archer, wizard.

You will always control the team colored green and occupy the right sides of each tile on the game board. On your screen the rival will always occupy the left sides on the tiles and control the team colored purple.

team mates can never be stacked onto the same tiles, however 1 purple and 1 green (rivals) are allowed to occupy a tile simultaneously. Use the Board setup feature to arrange your three units and save your favorite layout.

*note when playing 2 player; if you look at your friends iPhone their layout is flipped diagonally, and on their screen YOU are the purple team. It will be somewhat confusing to try and cheat if you peek

Players take turns (rounds) at the same time but your screen will never show you what the other player (user or AI) is going to do. After bother sides submit the two actions for a unit the round will play out. Even when both teams perform a move or an attack simultaneously, your screen will always display your action first so that you can watch 1 unit at a time. This does not effect the mechanics of the simultaneous interaction, its just for visual simplicity.

A single team mate is active per round and performs a movement and attack. The attack can be skipped incase of friendly fire or you can move onto the same location (i.e. stay still). Units will injure their own team but a unit cannot injure itself.

A round is broken into 2 halves. The order you choose to perform actions is important, meaning obviously if you pick movement first you will move for the first half and your attack will be in the 2nd half.
rounds are 2:00min, when the timer reaches 00:00 anything not entered is skipped.

Damage is resolved at the end of each half. Two units attacking each other in the first half can eliminate one another before they both get to move, and a blundered movement into an attack can kill a unit before it gets to attack.

Movement is resolved before damage:
During a 1/2 round when 1 player chooses to attack and the other chooses to move the player can move out of the way of an attack. Example; player selects Wizard to move first, then attack, AI chooses Archer to attack then move. In the first 1/2round the Wizard will move first, then the Archer attacks. The 2nd 1/2 round the Archer will move and the Wizard will then attack. This gives a slight advantage to movement for the purposes of defensive play, however you could blunder into a well planned attack.

If you loose one of your units the game is far from over!
After a unit does its move/attack it will be cooling down, dormant, idle, sleeping waiting.. etc...... It cannot be used again until all the remaining members of his team take action. Simply; A team with less units alive gains advantage. There are less of them sleeping, while they can pick off the large numbers of sleeping rivals. But once the rival has been whittled down to the same number, that advantage is gone.

the game is over when one (or both) teams are killed.

The hovering life numbers may be hidden/unhidden with tap+hold on a unit (hide/show for that team) so you can make it more streamline

each class has 3 attacks to pick from, color coded to explain their essential use.

red strong focused,
yellow weak wide area
orange a blend

(at 54 seconds in the game play video you can see each classes info panel which shows the attack patterns they have)

red and orange are directional and are aimed. (tap the same button to turn the direction clockwise)
yellow is a non aimed (omni directional) AoE.

example, you select swordsman.
you tap "charge" (the red attack) it defaults to North west,
tap the charge again and it turns 90 degrees Clockwise to aim north east
tap again.. etc
"Fire" will submit the attack as the action you wish to perform.

base damage values
swordsman; 90
archer; 80
wizard; 70

the tiles colored red do the most damage 150%
orange 100% (normal)
and yellow 50%

the Swordsman has smaller AoE, Wizard the largest, Archer a blend.
Only the swordsman can inflict damage on the tile he stands, but he does not hurt himself.

happy fighting.

Magic missile doesn't kill people, wizards who cast magic missile kill people.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 19, 2009 10:05 pm    Post subject:  

You make me want to buy an iphone.
" 'You miss 100% of the shots you donít take' - Wayne Gretzky " - Michael Scott
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