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[18] DmgReturn Necro
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2008 4:21 pm    Post subject:  [18] DmgReturn Necro
Subject description: requires Barmor recasting...

This necro requires the recast of Bone Armor to absorb the dmg. He should be full bug rush to get the most out of Bone Armor. I have him for some time now and was really fun for awhile but i guess ill release this build for anyone how is intrested in some fun lvl18 builds.

29pts total

BoneArmor 18
Bonewall 7

4left over skillpnts.

for my build i put 1 in clay golem for slow and 1 in each amp,weaken,ironmaiden

Helm Coil of Steel(P Ruby) - most of the time ull use this for the life
Coil of Steel(P Skull) - if your opponent cant get your barmor down this will replish your life incase of OW's or any other dmg that goes through your armor
Arcana's Head(P Skull) - only use this on caster because its the only helm with basic dersireable mods already + a pskull for more regain while chasing casters
Dusk Deep(P Skull) - this is your anti smiter helm. the dr will hlp and pskull because the cb will make your life go down

Sigon's Shelter(P Ruby) this is your best dmg return gear for its 20dmg return with another sig part.
Sigon's Shelter(P Skull) same use but with replishing for those duels where u have to chase or run

Sigon's Gage - it gives u +AR,ias, and the str for sig armor

Crafted Hit Power Belt - give u 5-10%dmg to mana(more barmor casting),5%to cast frost nova when stuck. freeze ppl so u can recast better,3-7dmg return to attacker.
Best if u can craft one with 24%fhr to hit the 7frames and life mod...(Most likely to be the hardest part to get for the build)
RARE belt - 6dmg return with 24%fhr and life mods(pretty hard to get one with all the right mods but will be the main belt until a nice crafted one)
Death's Stash - nothing to it just use it for Cannot Be Frozen mod

Crafted Hit Power Boots - 5%to cast frost nova when stuck.3-7dmg return to attacker.25-50defence vs melee
Best choice of boot for this build but try to get one with frw because this sigons make this build pretty slow at running.
Gorefoot - Cheap and easy to get with the right mod but could be better...(definitely the boot b4 you get your crafted one)
Cow King's Hooves - dont really use this boot often but some times ull need the dex to get 75% block and the added fire dmg works for last hit if your opponent stop attacking
RARE psn resist/reduce duration time boots - one of the only other gear that u can replace when fighting your weakness to have a better survival rate

Rings 2x Craft Hit Power Rings - 1-5dex,5%to cast frost nova when stuck,3-6dmg return
Only choice IMO...gives u the dex and % to cast nova with dmg return
2x Nagelring - Easy to get and gets the job done. added ar for those higher defence characters that u might want to hit...

Crafted Hit Power Amulet - 3-11%cause to flee,5%to cast frost nova when stuck,3-10dmg return
Great ammy for this build but really hard to get one with 10dmg return with desireable mods like +1PnBskill or lifemod
Cathan's Sigil Amulet - 5dmg return, 10%fhr( this will be the ammy to make your necro hit the 7frames of fhr if needed)
Iratha's Collar - Another part of your gear that u can replace to reduce psn

Gothic Shield(3x P Skulled) - provides the most defence and you should have enough str for this shield

The Gnasher(jeweled with a rare 1-5cold dmg and 12%dtm at least) - this wep gives u OW and CB all in one wep. the cold dmg in jewel is for the last hit to kill them from OW
Maliace Fail - 100%OW this wep reduce your life replish but ull only need to hit your opponent once and run away
Rarely have to use this wep...i only use it on high defence foes and runners
Stoutnail(jeweled with 12%dtm at least) - try to find one with 10dmg to attacker. this is the highest dmg return wep up to lvl18.

Weapon Switch
Magical wand/head with +1PnBskill/+3armor
Pretty hard for find a head with this mod but the wand can be shoped with clvl18.(best place to try is A2 norm Drognan with town exit by him)

6x - 6dex with Mana if u can get them. for the mana is your only way to cast enough barmor
2x - 12fhr with mana mods. these should be in your stash when u want to hit the 7frame fhr
1x - 6str with mana. u only use this when u switch to any other wep from The Gnasher to make up its str lost.
22x - 15life sc...just another staple of lld

with perfect gear your stats should look something like this if ungeared
52 str

Fully geared you should have:
~133dmg return
~572 life
~144 mana

I hope that some ppl put this build to use too for i am most likely to recreate this build for the up coming ladder again.
Enjoy the build and any comment is welcome.
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 18, 2008 8:36 am    Post subject:  

does this work ......how exactly do u kill other casters and wont zealers pierce through your bone armour in a second?
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Joined: 12 May 2007
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 3:54 am    Post subject:  

on other caster u just hit and run with malice and use full regain set up gears...wont be a fast kill but the bleed will get the life low enough if they dont run to town.
for zealers...nothing u can do about it just walk out of range from zeal and hope that they hurt themself and recast Barmor...if they use charge you will have to use the FHR gear to not get stun often from charge to recast Barmor.

also cast clay golem to take zeal hits so u can run or to take the dmg fromother caster...basicly his meatwall
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pokemon fanatic

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 11:03 pm    Post subject:  

interesting build.

i guess u could also try casting bonewall with ironmaiden too when u are getting hit by zeal, but clay golem is nice as it gives the slow% when it gets hit.


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