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Brawl Friend Codes
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 16, 2008 9:00 pm    Post subject:  

Yeah! it wasnt letting me chain grab, and thats like my main strategy. Haha, and then the one that i hit some box and it blew up two of those bombs that have an explosion aura thing? That was when it was Sonic vs Peach I think. That was so gay!!! I hate items -____-""

It was still hella fun. M@'s fun to play against, his main is Lucas. And he's actually good with him :/

when it was 4 people it slowed down

Yeah, I had to move my Wii upstairs to continue playing, now my wii is directly over my router, but the router is a floor underneath. Somebody said I need to get a WLAN antenna for my Wii, but I've never seen one of those.

Apologies for the lag Sad


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PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, 2008 11:25 am    Post subject:  

You could try a nintendo wifi usb. im not sure if it would help you, but it certainly helped me with my wireless connection (although my computer is in my room close to my wii)

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, 2008 3:04 pm    Post subject:  

i've added everyone on my brawl.....not sure exactly how it works.

Anyway, online play is laggy as balls for me, i'm not sure why.....its definitely not my net connection.

Anyone else?


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PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, 2008 6:02 pm    Post subject:  

Lag problems:
ShortFuse@SmashBoards.com wrote:

  • If your WAP (Wireless Access Point) is far from your Wii, use a USB LAN adapter or move the two devices closer together.
  • Avoid using a hub/switch to communicate to your router if you use LAN. Use a direct port on the router
  • Use a static IP address on your Wii for testing and enabling QoS. Please note, there is no throughput difference from using an automatically optained IP and using a static IP, but it will prove useful if you want to do ping tests and enable advanced features on your router.
  • Use DSL, Cable or Fiber Optics for an internet connection. Avoid dial-up, ISDN and satellite.
  • Do a 2 minute ping test on your wireless connection and ethernet connection. Check for any latency spikes and make sure the lag is low. For reference, my ethernet is <1ms to 2ms and when I use wireless, from <1ms to 5ms. Check to make sure you get 0% packet loss.
  • Disable the SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) Firewall in your router, if applicable.
  • Upgrade your router firmware to the lastest version. If you have a Linksys WRT54G, consider DD-WRT firmware.
  • If you use a Datel USB LAN converter, you might have received a network cable with an unorthodox wiring. I haven't fully investigated this wiring but if you can, use another ethernet cable.
  • Avoid high traffic network usage while playing (P2P networks such as Bittorrent, Limewire, etc)
  • Enable QoS and assign your Wii to the highest priority possible (Either the statically assigned IP, MAC address or ethernet jack on the router)
  • If you are using a WAP, make sure the channel your using isn't being used by any neighbors. Use an application such as Network Stumbler to check.
  • Make sure you enable on your router's firewall TCP Outgoing on the following ports: 80, 443, 28910, 29900, 29901, 29920 and UDP Outgoing on all ports. There is no need to configure incoming TCP or UDP ports. If you use the Nintendo USB Wi-Fi Connector on your PC, make sure those outgoing ports are allowed on your system firewall.
  • If your WAP is not your router, consider upgrading to a wireless router or moving to a LAN connection for you Wii.

Common Misconceptions
  • Using a LAN adapter makes no difference: [COLOR="Red"]False[/COLOR]
    Using a Lan adapter can make a big difference. The internally WLAN antenna in the Wii is very weak. If your WAP (wireless access point) is a room away or obstructed by a wall, it can cause some latency. Also, if your WAP isn't configured correctly, there may be conflict with another WAP sharing the same channel. This causes latency. LAN is always superior to Wi-Fi, for techincal reasons It's just a matter of how much better. If your Wi-Fi is 5 feet from your WAP then it probably won't make any noticeable difference.
  • Using a Wireless Repeater or Wireless Bridge will affect your lag: [COLOR="Lime"]True[/COLOR]
    By using a wireless repeater/bridge, latency will incrase. It is 100% fact. Move your router and Wii closer to each other or use LAN.
  • Faster internet guarantees less lag: [COLOR="Red"]False[/COLOR]
    Note I put the word guarantee. I've done some throughput checking and the Wii sends and receives about 2 KB/sec during gameplay. This means, in terms of speed, if you have a 20KB/sec, technically, there's no difference if you have a 5mbit connection. Of course, you have to take into account background tasks. If your using BitTorrent while playing, there can be some lag. A dedicated 50KB connection just to your Wii can be better than a shared 10mbit connection. The point is latency. DSL and Cable give less latency than say 56k, but upgrading from a 1.5mbit DSL to 5mbit Cable may not give you better latency. Remember, that just means the maximum speed at which you can download. Including network overhead, the Wii uses about, on average, 2 KB / sec. Pick your ISP by lowest latency rather than maximum throughput speed.
  • You have to forward/map points on your router to play online: [COLOR="Red"]False[/COLOR]
    Nintendo WFC (Wi-Fi Connection) uses no incoming ports. They are all outgoing TCP and outgoing UDP ports. There are a couple of predefined outgoing TCP ports and the outgoing UDP port is selected at random. Mapping or port forwarding is only used for INCOMING ports which, again, WFC does not use.
  • You have to disable your firewall to play online: [COLOR="Cyan"]Depends[/COLOR]
    The Outgoing TCP ports WFC uses are: 28910, 29900, 29901, 29920, 80, and 443. The Outgoing UDP ports are selected at random. You have to make sure your firewall doesn't block outgoing TCP on those ports and all (unfortunately) outgoing UDP ports. Incoming doesn't matter. This is on your router/gateway. If you use a physical router, disabling the firewall on your PC does nothing. Unless your PC is your router via ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) you really shouldn't have to disable your firewall on your PC.
  • If Nintendo's servers are slow/congested, your game will lag more. [COLOR="Red"]False[/COLOR]
    This is how it works. Nintendo does not host their own servers. They use GameSpy/IGN servers. The Wii connects to the Gamespy server(s). The server responds with you the IP of the person(s) you want to play. After that, the game creates a DIRECT connection to your opponent(s) by means of random Outgoing UDP connections. There is no proxying from the Gamespy servers. If there's lag, that is the latency between you and your opponent(s). It has nothing to do with Gamespy (or Nintendo) servers.


  • Why can't I find anybody online when I try to play with anyone?
    Basically, With Anyone works by looking for people who are looking for also looking for somebody to play at the same time you are looking. There is also a limit to how much latency there can be between players, so you're not exactly playing in slow-motion. The reason is this: There isn't anybody with a low enough latency looking at the same time you are. Also, if your latency is too high, you will not find anybody, so look into what's eating your connection (if anything).
  • I'm getting error message 85010. How do I fix this?
    You don't. It means that Nintendo's (GameSpy's) servers are overloaded. The most you can do is twiddle your thumbs and wait or keep trying.
  • Why does sometimes when I press a button or move the analog stick in a Wi-Fi match it doesn't register or comes out really late? / Why do I freeze in Wi-Fi matches?
    In a nutshell, UDP packets are lost.
    Here's the explanation:
    The way the network works is that it sends UDP packets. UDP connection aren't like regular connections (TCP connections, like webpages and stuff)
    computer A sends a request to computer B
    computer B sends an acknowledgement (ACK) of the request and some data
    computer A receives some and sends another ACK and asks for more
    and that's how it works, to make sure no information is lost.

    "okay go"
    "k, here"
    "got it, now send me this"
    "okay, sending"

    like that, but that's TCP. there's latency in having to wait to see if they got the information and pausing between transmissions. UDP is different. UDP just sends stuff saying
    "okay, send me the whole thing"

    So you have two UDP connections:
    Player A is sending his data to Player A and Player B is sending his data to Player A.
    Now, since there's no acknowledgement of what's being sent, things that get lost don't get repeated. As to why things get lost in transmission, I'll get to it in a minute. What can get lost are things like:
    "I am holding down A"
    "I held down left"
    "I no longer am holding down left"

    Things like that can get lost and there's no verification of getting the packets like in TCP. It may take the next packet for the game to realize that you are no longer pressing the analog stick that way, or you held the analog stick before press A and you want a tilt instead of a smash.

    Why do packets get lost? This is actually not that uncommon with Wi-Fi. If there is interference or you're far from the router, it's common to lose packets. In TCP connections, if a packet gets lost, it's resent. The problem is the Wii isn't prioritizing that packets get sent successfully for the sake of less lag.
    So if player A is on a somewhat poor wifi connection or a wifi connection with interference he might not send OR receive all the packets successfully. And that's why you don't get movement sometimes. Of course this is an unproven theory of mine.

I'm cutting this down to just Online Play since it's the most popular topic at the moment.

Hope that helps somebody


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PostPosted: Thu Mar 20, 2008 6:19 pm    Post subject:  


Nickname: JING

Edit: New nickname, and I have the adapter.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 22, 2008 9:00 am    Post subject:  

i got one

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 8:38 pm    Post subject:  

3737 9341 8278


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