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[30] LS/kick hybrid
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2009 9:23 am    Post subject:  [30] LS/kick hybrid  

The level30 LS/kicker hybrid:
This is honestly my favorite LLD, but the reasons why are my own and kind of weird. This assassin can be highly competitive, but is very item and skill intensive. I wonít lie, it is a twitch build where lag or improper technique will have you dieing oftenÖ but at the same time its ALWAYS a fun duel, and immensely satisfying when properly played. This assassin is not as forgiving as a pure trapper, and will take some practice. Ultimately however, I found it worth it.
Now that Iíve bored you with my its my new favorite character, lets outline the character. The idea is to have a strong (although not maxed) kick attack combined with mediocre traps. Even with almost ideal gear, the trap damage wonít be anything to write home about; but at the sacrifice of a bit of kick dmg you can turn LS into a source of damage instead of a means to a stunlock. You still LIVE by stunlock, but now your traps will be taking life in the interm. This is more important than it sounds because, with enough mana, it gives a lot of tactical flexibility to a duel. If the opponent a character you wonít beat with kicks (WW barbs and smiters for one), lay down your traps and MB away, and only use kicks in a hit-n-run style. Is the opponent a runner instead? They lay out some wide traps, keep your SM out and DF everywhere to catch them, then launch a kick salvo for a good chunck of life. There is also a lot of flexibility in how you build your LS/kicker hybrid, and there room to customize to your taste or available gear.

If hell-rushed you get 41 skill points @ lvl30. Iím assume a full hell-rush for this as its almost impossible to do hybrids with a normal rush (33 skills if norm rushed only)

Martial Arts tree:
Dragon Talon 11+
(You want atleast lvl12 for 3kicks at all times, with any gear swap. I never remove my jewelry, so I went with 11)
+DF from claws

Shadow Skills:
1pt in claw mastery/BoS/weapon block (3 points total)
Also want MB/SM/venom, but we can get those from gear

Traps: the rest
1 fire blast
15-17 shock web (the rest of your points)
1 charged bolt sentry
7 lightning sentry (maxed)
1 Wake of Fire (optional)

41 skills, leaving you none freeÖ. But you have room to maneuver. WoF, Bladesheild, SM are not absolutely required depending on your play style (but they are recommended). You can also add and subtract based on what your claws are.

There are multiple options for gear, depending on what breakpoints you plan to hit. Ideally you want to hit the 42 or 65fcr BP, 30fhr, and max kick/trap speed with BoS. After that, +skills and life are the big focus. Your claws are the key to this whole build. In fact, Iíd recommend not even trying to build a hybrid kicker until you have some very nice claws. They will save you many points to use on trap synergies. You should aim to get +LS on both claws, and DF/MB/SM/blade shield as the extra skills on your claws. Without them, you canít put as much into trap synergies. You can hit the trap BP with just IK if your BoS is +4 or better after your plus skills. Iím going to list what I used and the cheap alternative, then some explanations below. The explanations arenít required but understanding the logic is helpful if you want to experiment, or attempt this without all godly gear. I started off with a much cheaper version (which did ok) and it was only the rebuild that had access to such nice jewelry/circ/claws.

What I used
Helm: Rare circlet (+1/30frw/20fcr/50life/res)
Armor: Jewelers MP of squid (3soc/80life) with 20ed/stat/res jewels (I had 60ed/11str/7dex/30lr, cr, fr)
Primary claw: Strength r/w hand scythe with +skills (3LS is base, should have 2 of your desired 4 skills: MB/DF/BS/SM)
Off-hand claw: magic/rare hand scythe: +1sin/3ls/your OTHER 2 desired skills not found on the STR
Sheild: Wistrams (cheap and easy block), ATSOD (more dmg/stats), Upíd swordback (OW)
Gloves: IK (The combo gives 25ias toward trap BP, 65stats, and resists. There is NO other option worth mentioning)
Belt: IK (see above)
Boots: Rare Warboots - 30frw/10fhr/tri res (your source of dmg)
Ammy: +1/fcr/life/mana/etc (I used +1/10fcr/60life/66mana/fr)
Rings: 2x fcr/100+ar/sta/60+mana rings. (I use 10fcr/95ar/9str/19life/75mana + a 10fcr/100ar/19life/90mana/res ring)

Cheaper option
Helm: Peasants crown (Lacks 20fcr/15frw, but good stats and cheap)
Armor: Vipermagi (+1/FCR/35 res), Spirit shroud (+1/cnbf/liferep)
Claws: same as above, nothing else will do. Easier/cheaper if they donít have all your desired extra skills though
Sheild: Wistrams (cheap and easy block), ATSOD (more dmg/stats), Upíd swordback (OW)
Gloves: IK
Belt: IK
Boots: good rare warboots or Upíd Gtoes
Ammy: a good rare +1sin ammy (work on stats/fcr later if necessary)
Rings: 2x ar/stat/mana rings (work on fcr/res later if necessary)

Headgear: Reguardless of your helmet, +1sin is vastly superior to +2skill tree. You gain a lot of benefit from the +1: more Dtalon, more clawblock, more traps, etc. The rare circlet is better since a good one will give more frw than peasants, and more importantly some much needed FCR so you donít HAVE to use Vipermagi. Anything less than the 42fcr BP is just way too slow of a MB. Stats/res are just icing on the required +1/30frw/20fcr.

Armor: I like the custom jeweled squid armor because of the life and added kick dmg, although the jewels are just hard to find. If your missing FCR or res somewhere else though, Vipermagi is a good temporary. Just make sure you make up the res if you ever stop using Magi. Spirit shroudÖ. Not a lot to say about it; use when you need CNBF and no other time.

Main Claws: These ARE your build. You need so many skills on your claws to make this viable its not even funny. You want +LS on both claws to boost LS dmg, you want DF/BS/MB/SM as your other skills split between the 2 claws so you can save points on the skill itself and on the pre-reqs. If you in a pinch Blade shield and shadowmaster arenít absolutely required, but they certainly help. Your SM will MB for you, DF on the enemy, and even lay weak traps. The most important thing the SM does though is attack the enemy from the back. When you DF on someone the SM gives minion stack, then when you talon it starts hitting opponent in back. This back attack + MB + traps makes for ferocious stunlocking. Strength is great as your primary claw: cb for more dmg, 20str for more dmg, 10vita for 30more life. The only time I would use something else is if you have a +fade claw for buff in stash and are going to duel a melee char faded. Even then I probably wouldnít unless the claw had amp, 2soc, some skills.

Buff claws: Ideally you want +5venom and +5venom/with Fade, but any type works. Just make sure atleast ONE of your claws has +venom on it, since you will NOT put a hard point into it. SO cheap solution = +3venom claw & 2shadow plain (for 5 instead of 10 possible in venom).

Sheild: Not a lot to say about this. Any of the 3 choices works, find what you like.

Gloves n Belt: Iím real big on the IK combo, especially for a hybrid. Some people like +2martial/10ias gloves with a different belt, but Iíve never found the massive stat and IAS loss to be worth it. Without 25ias and good BoS you wonít hit last trap BP, not follow up kicks last bp. Who can turn down 65str anyway, when thatís about another 65kick dmg by itself?

Boots: The rares really are your best bet, but if you have enough res and frw somewhere else Gtoes are NOT bad either. The extra CB helps offset the lower kick dmg somewhat. Just remember that you will be losing atleast 100kick dmg by swaping boots. I still like keeping some upíd Gtoes in the stash if you want to purely melee duel for some strange reason.

Jewelry: This is a place to pick up the rest of your FCR. If you donít like MB, and are using magi and already hit the fcr BP you want, then you have more room to get really phenomenal ar/stats on your jewelry. Again let me re-iterate, in any situation where you could get +skillsÖ you want +1sin, not 2skill tree.

40x 15lifers. You can go pretty cheaply on these to start off, as you donít need a lot of res from charms if your gear is solid. However, in an ideal world you want all 1max/20ar/15life (for the AR only) and 12mana/15life scs. With 30frw boots, 30frw circlet, and a good BoS level you donít really need any frw in charms. Also since assassins have such fast fhr BPs, you can probably get by with 30 FHR.

Stats placement (with gear on):
200+str (STR = dmg, your maxing this or coming close)
73dex (enough to equip hand sycthes)
Life Ė none or 30

Your character will vary depending on what you did, but these were my stats:
FHR: 30
FRW: 60 + BoS
IAS: 25 + BoS
Kick dmg: 575 max kick dmg (rare warboots)
Lightning sentry dmg: 600-650 (if squid armor vs +1)
1060life/380mana/75all+ stack without anya quests
39% weapon block

*KnightXENO - main account
*KnightXENO2 - HLD account
*KnightXENO3 - LLD account
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2009 9:32 am    Post subject:  

Dueling strategies:
In general you will run at you opponent, place some LS, dodge attacks and try to MB them. Once MBíd, DF on them, then go into a kick salvo. If they are in fhr, MB again then kick some more, you stunlocked them good and might finish the fight here. If not, run out after the 3kicks finish and try to get more traps layed, rinse and repeat. Mix in a WoF before the DF as needed. Of course you wonít always get this ideal situation, in which case you can just directly DF on them, get a quick kick salvo or MBÖ. but not again some characters obviously. Anything else comes down to practice, and the character your matched up against.

Almost unwinnable matchups:
Sadly Hdins, WW barbs, and smiters will beat you atleast 50% if they are any good. WW and hammers do so much damage you really canít get close without getting slammed, and both characters can easily get high life + full (or even stacked) resists. If you canít get close to kick, thatís Ĺ-2/3 of the builds damage gone. Smiters pose a different problem. They can block your kicks but their smite is unblockable. Weapon block helps some, but they still put you into stun everytime you exchange blows. Your best bet in there matchups is to hunker down and play more like a trapper, and only going in to do hit and run kicks when they are good and locked. Use a shield vs barbs (if you have DF on your strength claw).

Fball - does a lot of damage quickly, but they canít tank like their ES/blizzard counterparts. Because of this you can be semi aggressive, but NEVER try to just tank (i.e. keep kicking and trade kicks for FBs) even if they are ďalmost deadĒ. You get good success with random DF on them, 3 kicks, step back and MB then try to setup traps again.

Blizz Ė They also do a lot of damage, but they are usually defensive whores and they can TANK. Prepare for a long duel by getting an insight after buff poison, and possibly use some CnbF. They play defensively and have the range so your going to have to be aggressive, or atleast appear to be aggressive. Lay some wide spaced traps, but where at least 2 can fire on an opponent teleporting into the area. Then run around a blizz and DF them. They will usually tele away at this point, hopefully through your trap field. Then MB them, set a WoF under feet, MB again, then DF to Dtalon and do what damage you can. Get some distance if they start to ice blast you, same threat as Fball. There is more to it than that, but I canít really describe it right now. Well geared and played ES/blizz sorcs are a hard duel.

Bow Ė If your claws allow if, drop c/c and put on a shield. Then just run after them obliquely (do NOT run right into their arrows), lay some traps and just DF. With a maxblock switch and dodges, you likely wonít stunlock them fully. The traps wonít always trip them up, but they can help prevent their total escape from your stunlock. Then MB + a WoF to DF. If you can keep DF and MB when you use a shield you should win if careful. If not itís a pretty hard duel c/c, unless you DF onto them when they have bow out.

CS Ė They donít have the range, and most donít have the damage. Just make sure you have a good stunlock going, and kill them. You might need 3LS and 2WoF for this one, but then again Iíve been successful with a single trap if your kicks sync with the WoF pattern just right.

Poison Ė Your poison dmg is faster so you have the advantage, just make sure you can catch them (or else your dead). This can be further complicated if they have a strong bow hybridization. Try not to use a shield here though, you need the extra damage for a speedy kill. Then again these would be even easier if I had any poison resistance, but the one problem with the squid armor is you probably wonít also get PR on your 3 rare ed/stat/res jewels.

WW Ė you will rarely ever win, period. GL, I have no tips for you. I had limited success with Rattlecage, upíd Gtoes, str, shield, and mad trap stunlocking.
Warcry Ė very easy duel. You have ranged stunlock and he doesnít. He has no block, you have some. Just lay 2 traps, MB, and start kicking. Did I say this was easy?

Bone Ė unlike a bowazon, you CAN ALWAYS outrun his spirits. Unfortunately this is balanced somewhat by bonearmor which soaks up a lot of kicks. Venom/CB/traps will penetrate the bonearmor though, and once its down it usually only takes 2 sets of kicks. Run in circles around him (leading spirits away) laying traps, get the stunlock, the MB to DF to DT. Depending on his skill and how much he runs this can be an easy duel or moderately hard. The smarter necs will try to corral you with bonewall and bonespear, donít get trapped into the chasing spirits, just DF out. 50/50 if you both have good chars, if not, big advantage to you.

Poison Ė You win if stunlock him once, nuff said.

Nado Ė I find there is a lot of variability in how these play. Some go defensive, some have tele sticks, some block and some donít. Keep some traps by you incase they have a tele staff, and immediately MB your feet if you see them start to tele. If you time it right you get a stunlock instead of eating a tornado, but the timing is tricky. If they donít have a tele stick its not too bad unless they are defensive and max block. Just try to avoid DF if they block because you will too often tele into a nado. Lay some traps, stun them and keep them in traps for a bit, then get to where nados arenít (or run between them if you can manage it) and start DT. Once you get some hits in it goes much better since druid FHR and blocking isnít great.

Fissure Ė Plays very similarly to a blizz sorc honestly. They do less damage, but are harder to kick since they usually only walk through their own fissures (and that will hit you, stopping effective stunning). Your best bet is to get them into stunlock, then MB them back out of their fissure or until it ends, then DF in and kick. You should usually win once you get used to not being able to string multiple kick salvos together because of ground fissures. Can always use range against them also (traps can cover more ground and have some intelligence, fissure if just blind). If your not patient though, or if they are very good it will be a hard duel.

Light Trapper Ė Only the C/C ones will pose much of a threat because the spirit ones donít do much more dmg than your traps. The C/C ones you just have to chase out of their trap field and Df on them. Its VERY hard to get an effective stunlock against another trapper, but you can get a lot of easy damage by even just clipping DFs (aka lay some traps DF them once, they get away, donít chase start doing traps again). Swap your weapons rapidly if they get an effective stunlock on you and run out. The big threat is if they get a lot of traps on you then switch to insight for the next FCR bp and really pin you in place. But over all, you should win 70% of the time or better.

Fire trapper Ė Can be a hard duel. Their damage is low, but you get locked a lot and frustraced. If you succum to the urge to just move in and tank traps while kicking, you will realize that while the individual trap ways do very little, the aggregate damage of several seconds stuck trying to leave a trapfeild while being MBíd is actually substantial. Winnable if you keep your cool and they arenít liferep whores. To make you stunlocked for several seconds takes TONS of mana from them. If you see an insight itís a duel ending opening. A well timed DF into DT can take over half of their life and is usually enough to decide the duel. Patience.

Kickers Ė If they are not a fellow hybrid, you can win. Just put a shield on and show them why traps that do damage as well as stunlocking are a good idea. If you start trading kick for kick though your toast. Can range from easy to very hard duels depending on opponent. SC_eatkick had a very good pure kicker I often dueled with my hybrid, and the increased damage per kick and 5kicks to my 3 always made it a close duel. Iíd say I came out 60/40 but they were both very good chars. Non-perfect pure kickers are usually an easy duel.

Paladins: except for charger your going to have a hard time hereÖ
Hdins - you hardest duel. They desync on you, have tons of fhr and are hard to stunlock (have to click on them to MB them). If you DF on them, you always (I donít know why) end up facing them so your lined up PERFECTLY for hammers to hit you. They also usually never close in on you so you spend half the duel chasing and eating invisible hammers at the edge of their field. Iíve rarely beat any. You have to mostly trap, and get lucky DFís when they are charging since their block falls and they wonít be besides you when you land. Although if they donít have max block for some stange reason, go for it, they will fall easily.

Chargers - Variable. Even the best 2h chargers can rarely kill you in one charge, plus you have traps going for you and clawblock. Kick them win they trigger clawblock for an easy half a lifebar. Ones with shields are harder, but they still tend to have poor fhr and be glass-cannon like. You should beat almost every charger if you play it right.

Smiters Ė hard. Smite always hits, they block most of your kicks, AND there attack stuns. If you both start attacking you lose. However, if you can get a good stunlock its often possible to take a good chunk of health before they recover to smite you again. Sadly you will have to get an almost perfect stunlock atleast 3 times and capitalize on it with kicks to win. You wonít beat good smiters very often, but it is doable.

*KnightXENO - main account
*KnightXENO2 - HLD account
*KnightXENO3 - LLD account
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 5:19 pm    Post subject:  

CRAZY char to duel.

Always keeps you on your toes.
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PostPosted: Sat May 08, 2010 7:48 am    Post subject:  

When i found a white +2df/+1 mb/+1 LS (why 1??? T.T) claw i decided to make this. I took a bit different way tho. im a bit more trap-ish geard using viper and soj's (i dont plan to swich them out ever, yet).

i reach about 450+ kick and atm 8XX traps with a +3LS/+2 shadow offhand claw (would be 909 with +1/3/adds and like 1.2k if id go for +2 circ/amu and +5 offhand claw vs hammies)
I also play at 30 fhr and 50 fcr atm (none on amu, might get some 65 fcr setup at some point but atm i dont think so)

i gotta say this is really one of the most fun build to play for me and i really enjoy having it.

One thing id like to say is that (atleast for me) it seems to be a better idea to use deaths belt vs cold sorcs in order to keep fcr and resis up and loose a bit kick dmg for better traps and mb.
I prefer this since the def play seems to make traps more important then the kick dmg, and the cb and venom still stays the same anyways.

Id also like to ask you how much ar you have on the kicks. im having about 2.2k which seems pretty fine to me and i dont see how it would be neccesary for me to put on fcr/ar/mana rings instead since in the duels vs highdef chars (baba, def smiter etc) kick seems rather useless anyways (unless there's a good stunning going on)

My assa is at the new ladder and i didnt have the time to charm her up 100% yet. so she reaches about 700+ life and 600+ mana.

Best regards, volka
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 05, 2010 11:39 am    Post subject:  

wow I need to check back here more often O_o

Damn shame on your claw, so close to perf (but still a nice one). I hadn't considered an even more trap centered build honestly, because its already at 2/3 the kick dmg or a full kicker. It sounds like it fits your playstyle though, which is the most important thing. It remains one of my favorite to duel with to this day, just its kinda twitchy so laggy internet isn't as forgiving.

I usually have around 3.5-4k ar (although I do use 2x rare rings, 1x 100ar/frw gc, and some 1/20/15's to get that high with low talon investment). Honestly my main reason not to go SoJ's was about not having mdr bug'd dmg on my kicks. The ar/fcr were just secondary bonuses.

As for Death's belt its certainly an option (as you will have MORE than enough str), but you also lose IAS from the ik combo. The lost ias is enough to drop a trap and kick attack frame (which I disliked). Again though, it sounds like you trap more than you kick (but still do both), so I can see how that works for you.

I dueled mine with trapping mostly for stunlock purposes, and going in for kick dmg. I could just trap defensively as well, but I usually reserved that for really hard duels. Alot of that is probably because I'm an impatient dueler though, no reason its not a valid tactic. So I'm glad someone else appreciates this and has found a more defensive variation.

I'm trying to build one again this ladder..... since again I got an awesome offhand claw (2trap/3ls/sm/wof). I'll use a 3ls/df for temp, and a 3ls/df/mb eventually.

*KnightXENO - main account
*KnightXENO2 - HLD account
*KnightXENO3 - LLD account
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 29, 2010 7:29 pm    Post subject:  

thanks for the guide. its a very fun char.

west ladder

im not finished but im happy with claws, circ and armor

i put all in vita after i could put on ik
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