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[30] The Nausicaa Druid - Wielder of Winds
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2009 10:28 am    Post subject:  [30] The Nausicaa Druid - Wielder of Winds
Subject description: A decent windy druid.

Hello, im gonna explain how to build a Nausicaa Druid(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nausicaa_of_the_Valley_of_the_Wind) which im currently working on at Europe NL, this build maybe aren't the best build but its fun to play and easy to learn.

First lets check out the FHR and FCR breakpoints (FHR means Faster Hit Recovery and FCR means Faster Cast Rate).

[b]Faster Cast Rate breakpoints.[/b]
0% - 18 frames
4% - 17 frames
10% - 16 frames
19% - 15 frames
30% - 14 frames
46% - 13 frames
68% - 12 frames
99% - 11 frames
163% - 10 frames

In this build we will reach the 12 FCR BP with the gear recommended below.

[b]Faster Hit Recovery breakpoints.[/b]

FHR vs 2 handed weapons
0% - 13 frames
5% - 12 frames
10% - 11 frames
16% - 10 frames
26% - 9 frames
39% - 8 frames
56% - 7 frames
86% - 6 frames
152% - 5 frames
377% - 4 frames

FHR vs 1 handed weapons
0% - 14 frames
3% - 13 frames
7% - 12 frames
13% - 11 frames
19% - 10 frames
29% - 9 frames
42% - 8 frames
63% - 7 frames
99% - 6 frames
174% - 5 frames
456% - 4 frames

And this is the gear you will be using.

HEAD - Peasants Crown or Lore in a druid pelt that got +2-3 tornado (Pcrown should be socketed with a Perfect Skull or Perfect Ruby)
BODY - Viperskin (Socketed with Perfect Skull or Perfect Ruby)
WEAPON - Spirit Sword Longsword (Im using a shitty one with 28% fcr)
SHIELD - Splendor (Works well, fcr and skill+)
GLOVES - Magefist or Frostburns (Depends, you choose)
BOOTS - Cow kings, Sanders or a gz rare
BELT - Since you wont need deaths i'd say a mana/fhr/mana repl belt.
RING1 - 10 fcr ring with adds (if you dont use Magefist)
RING2 - Rare with Mana/Life/Res/Replenish
AMULET - Telling of Beads (ofc a rare with +1-2 elemental skills and adds is better but i just haven't found one yet)

CHARMS - Life, res, fr/w and mana are the ones to collect for this build Very Happy

Stuff usefull to have in stash: Frostburns/Magefist, A shield stuffed with Perfect Diamonds against casters, SoE against chargers/WW barbs.

Now the skills should look like this:

~Normal Rushed~

20 Tornado
8 Cyclone Armor
1 Hurricane
1 Oak Sage
1 Ravens
1 Spirit Wolfs
1 All pre-reqs

Tornado Damage: 777-830.
Cyclone Armor: Absorbs 497 damage.

~Nightmare Rushed~

20 Tornado
12 Cyclone Armor
1 Hurricane
1 Oak Sage
1 Ravens
1 Spirit wolfs
1 All pre-reqs

Tornado Damage: 924-987.
Cyclone Armor: Absorbs 619 damage.

~Hell Rushed~

20 Tornado
16 Cyclone Armor
1 Hurricane
1 Oak Sage
1 Ravens
1 Spirit wolfs
1 All pre-reqs

Tornado Damage: 1071-1144.
Cyclone Armor: Absorbs 741 damage.

Well now theres only one thing left i guess, strategies! Twisted Evil


The difficulty of dueling chargers depends on if its a pro or a noob, but anyways. When you duel a charger ALWAYS WALK, if they charge at you press the R-button fast cause you won't get knockbacked if you walk and your block will be reduced to 25% if you run, look for a bottleneck and stand in the middle, wait for them and when they charge at you spam tornadoes.


When your better with your windy all melee characters will be easy, always walk and when they run in a straight line against you just spam at them and watch their red bar deplete. Wink

Cold Sorceresses

To be honest, you won't stand much of a chance - just run around and try to figure out where their gonna tele next, luck and skill plays a big role when dueling these monsters Smile

Fire Sorceresses

Same as above, also items with tele charges helps ALOT, try to run around and make them think you dont have any teleport and then when they least expect it tele behind them and spam some nados

Fire Druids

They can be quite a nuisance since they usually play defensive, try to approach in misleading patterns and spam nados when your close.

Summon Druids'

Easy, get close and spam. A tip: don't aim for the summons, aim for the druid himself.

Light Trappers

Equip a shield filled with perfect diamonds and approach them by running around them then when you are lets say the range of your thumb near them charge in and spam nados, if you equiped a shield with topazes/diamonds you should be able to tank pretty nicely vs light sentries.

Fire Trappers/Stun Trappers

These are hard if they run alot, avoid their Wake of Fires at all cost cause if you walk into a WoF they will use Mind Blast/Physical Hammer and stun you to death.

Sacrifice Paladins

These are the easiest chars you can duel IMO, chase him or vice versa then when in melee range spam him to death.


Absolutely no chance if you aren't patient, try to avoid arrows and get near them when you get the chance to nado them.

Javazons (Jab, Poison and Light)

Fighting these are both fun and challenging, try to avoid their projectiles and slowly but safely approach them. A great chance to attack is when their spamming, when you get close they will most likely run: heres your chance to chase them down if you have decent a decent run speed.

WW Barbarians

These are the hardest characters you can duel with at your level, try to either tank their WWs and spam at them standing still or waiting for them to WW right at you then walk to the side and spam when the WW ends.

Bash Barbarians

These are as easy as SacPaladins but some good ones can be hard.


Duel them like SacPaladins but be carefull, if they get a successfull hit at you its over, a good thing is to get a ATD wep and a shield stuffed with perfect skulls to switch to when they start stunning you to death.

FoH Paladins

These are sooo easy if you have maxed resistances, just try to finish them fast since 90% of all fohers hit and run and foh WILL hurt if the battle gets long.


When you duel these be VERY carefull, your dead if they start swinging at you with their Up'd goblin toes or IK boots, spam when they get near and watch out for Dragon Flight and you should be fine.

Bone Necros

I'd say these are all LLDers nemesis, their missiles hurts alot since your cyclone armor won't sorb their damage and your resistances wont help you at all, get high life eq when dueling these and approach by running in a circle around them.

Well thats it everyone, hope this enlightened you. Feel free to ask questions or correct me. My account names is *Arbitur and *Arbitur2 in Europe Non-Ladder, Thanks for reading!

Also as soon as my druid is done i will post his stats and maybe some pictures Wink
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 30, 2009 1:17 pm    Post subject:  

few things

first off

splendor is a lvl 37 shield im pretty sure cuz of lum rune...your best options here are whistans and rhyme bone. I only use rhyme vs cold sorcs, and usually bowas.

99fhr, and 99fcr are both needed breakpoints, i think your missing a bit of both.

helmet why not use a +2 ele, 2-3 nado

charms: if you want a chance vs sorc i highly recommend frw charms
my charm setup is 27 frw charms with 13 lifers.

with 27 frw, and sanders boots i hit 121 frw at all times. Which i find very effective vs all chars. I would recommend around 120-150 frw.

for your skill setup if you plan to tele that is the only reason i would skill wolves ,, if not the points can be put into twister or else your just wasting mana resummoning and losing damage

Another armour vs bowzons you might wanna stash is a stealth armour has alot of nice mods such as frw, fhr
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