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[30] Plaguezon
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 28, 2008 4:09 pm    Post subject:
Subject description: preliminary thoughts on the build

I completed my Hybrid Plaguezon a few days ago and have tested it pretty thoroughly against all classes. Here is the build i used:

19 poison javelin
13 plague javelin
1 lightning bolt
1 jab
1 into d/a/e
1 into critical strike (3 pre-reqs)

My equipment is:
- 12 replen pcrown socketed with 16%ed / 6str / 9 dex jewel
- rare circlet with 1 zon, 30% frw, 21 hp, 15 resist socketed with 18% ed / 6str / 7 dex jewel
- Peace breastplate
- rare amulet with 1 zon, 25 life, 60 mana, 15 all resist
- 2 sojs
- sanders boots
- string of ears
- bloodfists (do not have 2 javelin skill gloves at the moment)
- 4 skill 30 ias ceremonial javelins with replenish quantity (huge dex req)
- switch bow is a regular rogue's bow with a shael
- inventory is 17x 3% frw small charms and 23 x 15 life small charms. A few of them have useful mods such as damage, mana, resists.

Note: the reason i went with regular Rogue's bow instead of upgraded Rogue's is because I wanted to stay as close to base strength as possible due to the huge dexterity requirement of my ceremonial javelins. With the 5 strength from Sanders and the 6 str that either of my helms provide, I can wear my heaviest item, the Peace breastplate, with base strength. Also, using a regular Rogue's allowed me to Shael it to hit 8fpa attack on switch without having to use a Twitch or Death's combo, thereby maximizing the + skills for the build. An un-upgraded Rogue's bow only does 6-12 damage, which comes out to 230 max GA damage on the character screen. When planning the build, I thought this would be sufficient because the bow switch would be used only to kill off opponents poisoned to single digit life. However, after much playing, I no longer believe regular Rogue's is sufficient.

Here are my thoughts / experiences with the build so far:

1. against characters without maxed poison resists, this build is absolutely devastating. Usually one or two javs will drop them to 1 life, and they will often die just from running through the plague cloud. If not, GA or a volley of multishots will do the trick.

2. against characters with maxed resists, the build is still effective but the duel will take a bit longer. In this case, having a higher damage Guided arrow, preferably something in the 500-600 damage range, would be very desirable.

3. against characters with Death's gloves, the duel will take a long time and will be quite tough. The characters that tend to use death's the most have been chargers in my experience, which makes for a doubly fun time.

4. Bowazons have been the most difficult match up thus far, as guided arrows range completely trumps that of your javelins. Again, having higher guided arrow damage would be very very beneficial. Although it will still be hard to kill a pure bowazon with a 1 point GA hybrid, at least it will be possible with 500-600 damage guided.

5. Against non-sorcs, the MDR bug hasn't caused me too much troubles. However against sorcs with E-shield who use string, the MDR actually makes it impossible to kill them with guided arrow even when they are at 1 life (when using the 6-12 damage rogue's). I usually stash my SOJs for these duels. However, I think having higher bow damage will negate the effects of the MDR bug as well.

In the future, I plan on rebuilding this character to use an upgraded rogues bow. I will have to add 25 more strength total to wear it, resulting in a 75 life loss. However, the rogue's damage will jump to 17-40 or something instead of 6-12, resulting in a guided arrow damage of over 400 on the screen. I will likely keep two Rogue's bows on me, a nef'ed one for dealing with chargers and a max'ed one for ranged duels.

As it is, here are my character's final stats:

Str: 35
Dex: 119
Vit: 100
Energy: base

Life: 837 with Circlet, 876 with Pcrown
Mana: 311 with Circlet, 341 with Pcrown
Poison Jav: 20k
Plague Jav: 8300
Guided Arrow: 31-239
FRW: 120 with Circlet, 105 with Pcrown

After I rebuild with higher strength, I plan on keeping a Pskulled Spirit Shroud in stash along with 2x Manalds to experiment with a replenish build. I feel like this will be the only way to win against a pure bowazon. I won't be getting close enough to land javelin strikes anyway, so the loss of + skills will not matter.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my build / ideas for a remake.
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 29, 2008 4:35 pm    Post subject:
Subject description: preliminary thoughts on the build

as a tactic dont ignore Psn jav on final throws, or deaths glove users, it can help, change to a more passive-agressive style then.

maybe 2 or 3 10/xx/ gc to help that final hit ga/jab on es sorcs. i dont understand how an ES could loose to you imo, this build doesnt seem capable of really taking them on.

not sure about the manalds. its 100% tactics at that point,
only u know i you can do it. i really wouldnt have though a bower is at that much of a disadvantge. just stay as fast as possible and get real close to them for psn+jabs and force them to switch or dodgelock.
try nats boots.. maybe they have stamina issues??

can they avoid/evade psn clouds?

i dont have much more on this. its out of my experience and every time i think i have something, uv already thought of it.

Magic missile doesn't kill people, wizards who cast magic missile kill people.

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