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[30] Regen Charger
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 24, 2008 4:04 pm    Post subject:  [30] Regen Charger
Subject description: Imperfect guide for people too lazy to search.

My guide to the regen charger v1.1

So, regen chargers are pretty popular and there’s no guide for them (although a little searching will get most people the answers they need) thus I took 5 minutes and created a little (imperfect) regen charger “guide”, feel free to correct any mistakes/comment on it. I’m sure I’ve messed up somewhere so any help would be appreciated.


After coming back from a year long break I’ve come to discover a lot of new possibilities with the introduction of the new runewords (yes, I quit during late 1.10) there are a lot of new ways to gear characters, and with the use of the runeword “insight” we’re able to make use of a completely different type of charger, the “regen charger”. This character is versatile, extremely powerful and best of all, it’s cheap to make! Regen chargers are a great budget character that will still crush most pubbers, although a warning: most will cry that it’s a BM build (and I’ll admit that if you play defensively they are).

Why Insight?

Well, not only does an insight partisan have good average damage and mods (crit strike, etc), but truly it’s because of the fact that it gives a meditation aura while equipped. The way cleansing/meditation work is that (on top of their other bonuses) they heal for the same amount as your base points in prayer, ex. If you have level 20 prayer both meditation and cleansing will heal for as much as a level 20 prayer, along with their other benefits. Since insight allows you to have a meditation on without taking up your aura you can have cleansing on at all times as well, meaning double the health regen as well as medi’s mana regen.

So why a regen charger?

Well, as I've mentioned before regen chargers (while considered BM by most) are very versatile, they can stomp most other builds and are cheap to make. Not to mention the fact that when you team up with someone else it becomes complete rape (imagine a good ES sorc with your cleansing/medi on at all times @_@) They are also, in my opinion, very fun to play. So now that we’ve got that out of the way it’s time to cover what you really want to know (although I bet 90% of people didn't bother to read this anyways);

How do I build a regen charger?


Str: Enough to wear your gear
Dex: Enough to wear your gear
Vit: Everything else
Energy: Nothing

This stat layout is pretty basic for 2H weapon users.


We’ll start off with the skills, they’re pretty easy, and I’ll be basing this off of a hell rushed regen charger.

20 points into prayer
1 point into cleansing
1 point into smite (prerequisite)
Rest of the points in charge*

*: You could put the rest of the points in might, which would give more ED if you flashed might before attacking, although I prefer just putting them in charge. A lot of people I know put 1 point into might, so they can flash it for the extra 50ish ED (is it 50?) then switch back to cleansing.


Weapon: INSIGHT PARTISAN (we went through why already)

Helmet: Pskulled Peasant Crown (this gives +1 skills, 20 vit, 20 energy and most importantly a good deal of life rep, as well as being very cheap.)

Rings: Angelics (rep, life, AR, cheap) or if you can, search for AR/stat/rep rare rings I know a few people that use a SoJ on their regen charger for the +1 skills, I don't really like it (causes MDR bug I believe, costs about as much as the rest of the gear, isn't very helpful, etc.) but whatever makes you happy.

Amulet: if you use angelics rings you'll want to use the ammy (obviously...), if not you can look for a rare ammy that adds some of the following: +skills (+1 pally/+2pcomb preferably), life, stats, rep, resist

Boots: sanders or cow kings, I REALLY prefer sanders for the AR but whatever floats your boat.

Armor: Pskulled Spirit shroud and if you want you can have resist armors on switch (3x Ral’d breast plate and the like, although they’re not necessary.) You may also want a rattlecage for smiting.

Belt: SoE/Rare belt with life/life rep (60/5 would be perfect iirc)

Gloves: upped Bfists (life, fhr, small minimum damage)

Switch: You may want to keep some/all of this in your stash, I'll list most of it then go through why afterwards...

> Rhyme barbed shield/Upped swordback
> 6 shael'd weapon (for fast smiting)
> Gtoes (for cb)
> Rattlecage (for cb)
>Honor weapon (for 1H charging)
> Resist armors (for resist while using your insight)
> Weapon with life tap charges (ONLY USE AGAINST HIGH LEVELS)
> Death's belt (cbf)
> A few str/dex charms (10 str/5 dex total)
> Hot spurs (against fire based characters)
> Nokozan (against fire based characters)
> 4os (preferably with good +resist) pally shield filled with pdiamonds
> 4os (preferably with good +resist) pally shield filled with psapphires
> Peace body armor? (use with a resist shield/honor against casters)

If you want to be ultra BM use a weapon with life tap charges on switch (ONLY for killing BM high levels please, BMing other llders is a serious dick move)

You may also want to get an honor weapon along with a 4os resist shield (filled with pdiamonds or whatever other resist gem you want to use), if you don’t use the resist armors I mentioned earlier/want to use a peace.

*AGAINST WW BARBS*: You may find out through experience that a good WW barb is very, very annoying. Hell, even a mediocre one can kill you. The remedy I've used for this is switching my gear to sort of match a smiters.

I take off my sanders boots/spirit shroud and replace them with goblin toes and an rattlecage I then switch some life charms for str/dex ones equal to the 10str/5dex lost from sander's boots so I can still wear my insight.

Then on switch I have a 6 shael'd military pick and an upped swordback. Using this setup I smite very fast and CB them to low health (while keeping cleansing on) then when they are low on HP I whip out that insight and charge them down, it lets me kill mediocre WW barbs easily, although a good WW barb should be able to slap you around even if you do this. *If he freezes you switch your SoE for a Death's sash or the swordback for a rhymed barbed shield*

Charms: For charms you’d ideally want 40x 3/20/15’s, but since this is nearly impossible to come by just try and get as much max/ar/life you can out of your charms, I would put the priority of mods as such: Life > Max >>>>>>> ar, seriously. With angelics and sanders you’ll have a good deal of AR already.

NOTE: All of the pskulls could be replaced with 20+ maxers if you want, although the reason I built a regen charger was because it required almost nothing to build.

Good luck, have fun! Smile
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 01, 2008 2:03 pm    Post subject:    

Even if you did mess up somewhere it would still work just as good as another build. Smile
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 05, 2008 10:49 pm    Post subject:  

Nice build i think i'm going to try this 1 out
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