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lvl 29-30 wind druid
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 19, 2008 1:57 am    Post subject:  lvl 29-30 wind druid
Subject description: str bugged desynch build

This is my first guide on these forums. I hope i've posted it in the right area (let me know if not).

It's not 100% complete, as it could do with some strategies against different classes. Please read through at and let my know what you think. Please keep any criticism constructive.

Strength Bugged Desynch Wind Druid (lvl29-30)

Skill Layout

Nothing in shapeshifting skills.

1point in oak and 1point in spirit wolves is recommended. Alternatively you can get these skills on a suitable pelt.

max tornado for your lvl (6/7 depending on whether lvl 29 or 30).
1 point in hurricane if lvl 30.
Rest of points go into tornado synergies starting with cyclone armour and then twister.
Exactly how many depends on lvl and whether hell rushed and also if you have oak or wolves on your pelt.

Stat Point Layout

Just enough str to equip your highest requirement items, taking into account Str from all equipment and charms.

Enough dex for max block.

Rest into vita.


The break points I recommend you reach from equipment are 99FCR and 99FCR, and also I recommend you aim for around 100FRW.

When using any rare items desirable additional mods to those already stated are fhr, stat points, life, mana, replenish life etc, but str gained from equipment must not exceed the str requirement of items with FRW.

Pelt with 2ele(lvl30)/1druid(lvl29) and +3tornado. Other useful skills would be hurricane, cyclone armour and as already mentioned oak sage and spirit wolves.

Circlet with 2ele(lvl30)/1druid(lvl29). FCR will allow a bit more flexibility with other gear (possibly allow use of bloodfist instead of magefist) and make it easier to equip sojs. FRW can be nice also, but circlets arenít str buggable.

Lore RW in a decent pelt, or 3soc pelt with good skills stuffed with gems, runes and jewels of your choice.

Peasant Crown. gives 1 skill, stats and FRW, but isnít really strength buggable.

Spirit RW. Needs 34 or 35 FCR

Rhyme RW in a bone shield or grim shield.

Body Armour
By far the best choice is Stealth RW. With FCR, FHR, FRW and even replenish mana itís a much better choice than a Vipermagi in my opinion. For efficient str bugging youíll want to make is in a Cuirass or Trellised Armour (explained later) If youíre not going down the str bug route then the highest defense light armour with str requirement less than or equal to your highest str requirement equipment.

Probably Magefist, but if youíre using an FCR circlet, and donít need FCR, you may want to use Bloodfist instead.

A caster crafted belt (will need 9 or 10 FCR depending on your spirit sword). This allows you to equip an extra SoJ

Otherwise a string of ears or nice rare is fine. If for some reason you donít want to use a rhyme shield you can get CBF from deaths belt.

For strength bugging purposes I recommend Natalyaís set boots. If you donít want go down the str bug route then Sanderís set boots are probably your best bet.

2ele/1druid skill rare amulet.
Rare FCR rings if you need to reach 99fcr break point. Otherwise SoJ.

As few str charms as possible to achieve the desired str bug effect. The rest FRW and 15life small charms. The exact ratio here is down to personal preference, and can of course be changed from duel to duel. Useful secondary mods on charms are mana, resists, and defense.

Desynching and Achieving Strength Bug

By having a lot of FRW on from charms and from strength bugged equipment quite significant desynching can be achieved, much like the desynch caused by a paladin charging around with vigour. The benefit of this is that your opponent wonít be able to tell exactly where you are, and will aim their attacks in the wrong place. They also wonít be able to see your tornados. To achieve the strength bug on equipment then the strength required to equip an item with FRW must come from a charm(s). To do this efficiently and use as few str charms as possible then the items with FRW should have the highest str requirement of all your items.

The FRW items this guide recommends are Natalyaís set boots and the Stealth RW. Natalyaís boots have a str requirement of 65, which is higher then any other item the guide suggests. To str bug these boots you need no more than 64 str points from hard stat points and equipment and another 1 point str from a charm. To then str bug your Stealth armour it should have the same str requirement as the boots. That means the best armour to use is a Cuirass. Alternatively if you have 60 str from hard stat points and other equipment, you can use a 5 str large charm to bug the boots and can use a Trellised Armour (str requirement of 61) for your Stealth. The advantage of this is that a Trellised Armour has a maximum of 2 sockets, and should be easier to find.

Now go away and make one of your own. Wink
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 11, 2008 9:52 am    Post subject:  

nice and interesting build!
did you try desynching with a dudu and did it work?
imo you need to use 2 fhr scs to get the 86fhr bp
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Joined: 16 Jun 2008
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 05, 2008 2:43 pm    Post subject:  

thanks for your interest in the build.

for druid in human form weilding a sword 6 frame hit recover is achieved with 99fhr rather than 86fhr. where you get this fhr from depends largely on your equipment. if you need to use fhr scs to reach this breakpoint then do so. but with the possibility of 24 fhr from a rare or crafted belt as well as fhr from your helm, possibly with a shael rune, then it may well not be necessary to use any scs.

as for the desynch question, it's quite difficult to answer. i've certainly had some comment along the lines of "i didn't see what killed me then", "my fireballs went right through you" and "hack using cheating noob". which is always satisfying.
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